5 Movies About Jesus Christ

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1. King of Kings (1927)

King Of Kings 1927 The silent and black-and-white film directed by Cecil B. DeMille originally had a duration of 155 minutes, but in 1928 it was cut to just about 112.

Although both in this version there is the story of the resurrection, a longer version decreases the greatness of the story of Jesus. In a longer version, DeMille features Mary Magdalene, as Judas Iscariot’s lover, very vulgar.

Jesus, played by H. B. Warner, is dramatically expressed from the point of view of a boy who has just been excluded from his blindness.

Warner also brought humor and humanity in this movie, it is seen from the scene of a child who gave Jesus a doll with a leg injured to be healed.


2. Monty Python’s Life of Brian (1979)

Monty jesus Film film also known as “Life of Brian” This is a comedy film written, directed, and played by comedy team Monty Python. The film tells the story of Brian Cohen, a Jew born on the same day, and next to the cage where Jesus was born, after which he was supposedly the Messiah and then he was crucified.

The film contains a controversial religious sarcasm at the time of its release, gaining accusations of blasphemy and protest from several religious groups. Thirty-nine local areas in the UK also drop the ban on the screening of the film. Some countries forbid the release of this film in theaters, some lasting for decades. The filmmaker used the fame of his movie using advertising messages, “It’s so funny, this movie is banned in Norway!”.

3. The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)

The film cost only about 6 million US dollars made in Morocco was directed by Scorsese. Scorsese recounts Palestine as a desert and a barren land.

Jesus who is in this film is not God born as a human being. He is a man who discovers his own deity, and he is also tormented and excited by revelation. Jude here is a powerful and loving activist. He wanted to overthrow the Roman colonization, when Jesus wanted the liberation of man from sin. To fulfill his covenant, Judas must betray him. Judas did not betray Jesus but betrayed his own idea of ​​the revolution. He must give the person he loves most to the Romans.

Some say this movie was planned by the Jews to discredit Jesus – although the director is a Roman Catholic, the author of the dialogue is a Calvinist, and the novelist is a Greek Orthodox.

4. King of Kings (1961)

King of Kings is a film directed by Nicholas Ray. The film is arguably an improvement from a film of the same title that came out in 1927. In this version of 1961, Ray placed the life of Jesus from the political side of Roman slavery. Jesus, who became a preacher and a physician, showed a striking difference with a Barabbas rebel against the Roman occupation.

Barabbas, who is usually featured as a murderer, plays an important role in this film. He is portrayed as a figure who opposes Roman domination, and as a good friend of Judas Iscariot. Judas believed that he could invite Barabbas to embrace Jesus as a literal liberator, taking up arms against the Romans, but Barabbas was disappointed after hearing the sermon on the hill. After that Judas decided to betray Jesus.

Most films at the time did not show the face of Jesus, and chose to show hands (as in the Ben-Hur movie) or display a camera on Jesus’ shoulders. King of Kings is a film with the first voice that features the face of Jesus.

The film was denounced by Time magazine and Bosley Crowther of the New York Times. Nevertheless Leonard Maltin gave this film a score of 3.5 out of 4.

5. Godspell (1973)

Godspell is a musical film adapted from broadway musical Godspell made by John-Michael Tebelak. The film directed by David Greene is featured in the modern city of New York City, adapted from the Gospel of Matthew freely.

Most of the music mastered the various parables in this film. The scenes in this movie take advantage of the famous sites around New York City. However, except for the opening and the last scene, the city was completely deserted and dominated by the main characters.